Dinosaur Comics is pretty rad, right? As is Garfield Minus Garfield, amiright?

I’ve written a little script to randomly combine the first two panels from Ryan North’s totally sweet Dinosaur Comics. Sometimes, the results are humorous.

The Rules:

  1. The results must be generated by pseudo-randomness, but I will choose which of these results are posted here. Yes I could splice strips together with intent, but there are already over 1550 Dinosaur Comics to choose from and there’s no way I can remember all of them! So far about 10% of the randomly combined strips seem “good enough” to share, which is a pretty decent ratio!
  2. The “current” strips are generated off of the comic for the date specified. I may put up one per day, I may put up more if they’re good enough, I may put up none if they all suck. For these, the script will combine either the first or second panel from today’s strip with the other panel from a randomly chosen strip.
  3. I will try to put up “current” strips on the same day they appear. I will also post the totally random strips whenever I have time to do so.
  4. Ryan North is awesome. He said that he would not sue me today, and I am grateful for this. I only got one email from him, but he seems really cool and all, so you should buy some of his Sexy Dinosaur Comic merchandise.

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